Plants & Pottery

' Green life Good life '

P L A N T S  &  P O T T E R Y


Twice a month we go on a trip to find the

best houseplants for you!

We offer an unique collection of small and larger plants.

We believe that plants enrich our daily life.

They help us relax, keep us grounded,

teach us patience and

connect us to the natural world.


Next to our plants we sell a collection of new pottery.

The pottery we select are from good quality

wholesalers and the colours and materials

are perfect for a natural living environment.


When we are browsing for second-hand treasures, we also look for used-plant-pots,

we love the charm of these old pottery. Most of vintage pottery are really well made and all unique.


We are always happy to help and love to make suggestions for good plant-pot combinations.

 We also like to make our hands dirty!

So being creative with plants is a special thing we offer.

 Barro specializes himself in the Kokedama technique.

If you want to know more

click here KOKEDAMA