Kokedama workshop


Interested in the Kokedama workshop ?

We organize workshops on request in the garden of Little Green shop.

Groups from 4 - 10 people

27,50 euro per person

Workshop inclusive a potting and cutting demonstration.

€37,50 per person 

 To make a reservation contact 

Barro +316 31 75 58 92



Do you want to organize a workshop yourself  ?

Or maybe you want to use our shops for a Photoshoot ?

( You can use all our products and driedflowers as props)


Both shops are for rent !

49,50 per hour. excl vat.

There is place for a maximun group of 10 people.


Old Pine

mon, tue all day

sat, sun morning till 12.00

all evenings.


Little Green shop

sat, sun morning till 12.00

all evenings.


Interested or questions ?

Please contact Zoë +316 55 90 03 45